Stakeholders and materiality


Eleonora Talone

Airport activity control officer
Fiumicino, Italy

Mobility is an ecosystem that involves many parties, with whom it is essential to have shared objectives and priorities to ensure long-term prosperity throughout the value chain. Therefore, our stakeholders are at the heart of our value creation strategy.

We believe that relationships built on trust with shareholders, investors and stakeholders in general are the foundation for achieving growth via a stakeholder capitalism approach. Together with economic and financial value, it seeks to create social value by having a positive impact on people and the environment.

We are committed to strengthening relationships of trust with our stakeholders by fostering stable, ongoing relations, based on active listening and dialogue, which respect the principles of fairness and transparency, and help to improve understanding of mutual perspectives and legitimate interests, in order to encourage the creation of long-term value. The reputation the Company enjoys with our stakeholders is an important part of our intangible value, which is one of the metrics we regularly use to monitor our performance.


We look to the future, taking inspiration from our stakeholders. Over the years, we have strengthened our listening and engagement processes, by promoting a participatory, integrated approach. We are convinced that reconciling and matching the needs and expectations of stakeholders in relation to the mobility ecosystem is an essential prerequisite for sustainable, inclusive and long-term growth for all.


Who are our stakeholders

We promote dialogue with stakeholders as a tool for long-term value creation, along with our subsidiaries.

Stakeholder map

Our materiality matrix

The materiality analysis was updated in 2021 in collaboration with an even balance of around 200 internal and external direct stakeholders, via a listening process aimed at identifying priority topics - from the viewpoints of the various stakeholders involved - for Atlantia's sustainable development.