ESG Performance 2021


Giorgia Tapino

Total Rewards Analyst
Rome, Italy

Our goal is to grow by contributing to change mobility.

Mobility has a significant impact on the life of the people, the communities and on the environment.

As the market leader in this strategic sector, we want to play a leading role in changing it by promoting social, environmental and economic progress.

Our 2021 results

Our Climate Action Plan

Our Climate Action Plan outlines our commitment to combating climate change through short-, medium- and long-term greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and the main actions we are putting in place to achieve them, enabling the transition to low-emission mobility.

The identified objectives are:

  1. Reduce direct emissions (scope 1 & 2) to Net Zero by 2040, 10 years earlier than required by the Paris Agreement
  2. Move to 100% renewable electricity consumption by 2040
  3. Reduce the intensity of indirect emissions (scope 3) from airport accessibility and road maintenance purchases by 22% by 2030, accounting for more than 80% of indirect emissions we can act on


Our sustainable growth roadmap

Our Sustainability Plan sets specific targets to drive the Group’s creation of sustainable stakeholder value over the next years.

On The Way to 2030 - Key pillars of the ESG strategy

Axis Key ambitions and interim targets
at 2023
2021 performance - progress on key milestones 2030 Key Goals and Ambitions


Climate change and energy transition

  • 20% reduction of Scope 1+2 CO2 emissions (vs 2019)
  • 30% of electricity consumption from renewable sources
  • -14% Scope 1+2 CO2 emissions vs 2020 (- 24% vs 2019)
  • 32% of electricity consumption from renewable sources
Science-based Net Zero Climate Action Plan
NZ by 2040 for direct CO2 emissions


Equal access and participation of women
30% of women in middle and senior management positions and among members of investees’ management and oversight bodies appointed by Atlantia
29% women in middle and senior management positions; 45% women among appointments made by Atlantia in 2021 Accelerate towards gender balance, especially among management and professional leadership roles

No pay gap among comparable employee groups at all organization levels


Fostering sustainable success and a resilient business model
100% of senior management remuneration’s schemes linked to ESG metrics, alongside economic, financial and operational metrics
ESG-linked remuneration
schemes are in place for Atlantia and subsidiaries accounting for >95% of revenues Multi-year

ESG plans are in place for subsidiaries making up >90% of revenues
Promote value sharing with employees by wide-spread profit/result sharing schemes